Переможці 2021

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A-1 Corporate & Brand Identity

Machine breathes, but I don't / Exhibition Identity
A-1-50    Numo Team

"Machine breathes, but I don't" — the project about the Belarusian doctors and their 2020. Antonina Stebur, one of the invited curators of the project, offered to look at the actual state of Belarusian society and individuals through the concepts of “fragility” and “vulnerability” and to analyze whether things, phenomena that are designated by these concepts always carry a negative connotation. Stebur writes: “Maybe in these concepts, one can find political meaning and emancipatory potential for building new forms of collectivity, resistance, civic engagement and the formation of a more inclusive society? These are the questions that the "Machine is breathing, but I am not/Machine Breathes, I Don't" deals with focusing on the study of the coronavirus and the associated social and political effects”. The project comprises an exhibition of famous photographers and artists, an educational program in the format of discussions, interviews with doctors, philosophers and sociologists. As well as film screenings and excursions around the exhibition held by the authors and curators. The identity of the project is based on a combination of handwritten names of the project (each time different) and a white-red-white historical Belarusian flag "hidden" in the graphics (currently it is an opposition symbol and is banned from use by the self-proclaimed President Lukashenko). Follow the link for project details: https://contest-aec11e.webflow.io/machine-breathes-but-i-dont-exhibition-identity