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Logotype for a kitchen equipment brand Reednee
A-3-14    YARCHE

How do you find the way to a chef's heart if you are a manufacturer of professional kitchen equipment? We can answer this question in the new Reednee case. EWT Inox kitchen equipment brand is a result of taking another point of view. A technique that is understandable not only for the chef, but also for the cooking team. Positioning is revealed in both naming and identity. Massive font logo with a strong character inspires a sense of reliability, seriousness. Restrained aesthetics involves the use of non-contrasting color combinations. Yes, the main color was orange – the color of the warm surface of the kitchen during cooking. Our task was to create a brand for professional chefs, which would attract attention at the level of visual perception. If it is something restrained, like German brands, then it is of high quality.