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A-21 Student Design

Holguin 99
A-21-40    Давиденко Софія

Project of the brand and packaging of "Holguin 99" - a rum set - was created as a part of the packaging course at the Department of Graphic Design LNAM. The idea of an elite, premium, an expensive, high-quality product was depicted in design: stylish minimalistic logomark and special materials of packaging. Visual elements tell about good production with history, combination of old traditions and modern approach, the strive to develoup and grow. I had used the 3d visualisation tool for the best material and style representation. History: Holguin is a city in the province of Cuba; 99 is a unique number of the first issued batch and the year of foundation of the company. The company respects its history, but is constantly improving, following trends, modernizing, moving forward and supporting connoisseurs of elite and refined taste of rum. Rum "Holguin 99" is suitable for modern man, businessman and esthete. "Holguin 99" embodies the philosophy of life of a modern person, who cares about the taste of the product and its design.