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A-21 Student Design

Book Design "Trout Fishing in America" by Richard Broutigan
A-21-50    Вікторія Наумук

"Trout fishing in America" - is the phenomenon, the name of one of the heroes, the cheap hotel near Broadway and, finally, the idea. Brotigan paradoxical uses words and images, bends space as he wants, and all these in order to tell sad American history. A novel woven from scraps of delusions,memories and impressions. The story of America - dream America and real America, and how these Americas coexist. These 51 unrelated stories can be called harmonious poetic absurdity. The idea of cover is using wordplay to ilustrate the idea. Trout is a reflection, spiritual food, so as food nourishes the brain. Fishing - perfect occupation that combines both for this. It allows to dissociate from surrounding and focus on important things, be alone with your thoughts. It is a pause, reboot, rest from everyday life, the process of rethinking and finding new meanings, which is the way of survival. The layout is designed with a single thread that is not interrupted by a horizontal header. This emphasizes the bitnic influence on the poet's work and the symbolism of the river flow.