Переможці 2021

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B-2 Interface & User Experience Design

Digital Lottery Platform
B-2-12    LinkUp Studio

We developed a digital Lottery Platform. It was designed from the Ground up to cater for the Middle East & North Africa Region and will comply with existing laws. The platform will be operated as a SAAS Model (Software as a Service); enabling us to form strategic relationships with major players in the Region. First impressions count. How a lottery product looks and functions is of paramount importance to players. The standards of digital users are set high because of the best practices they encounter regularly in interaction with other e-commerce companies. If a lottery product struggles to load properly or looks dated, many players will move to one that meets their expectations more closely, or simply decide not to play. The product is the shop window of Business; if it’s cluttered and unattractive, customers won’t enter and purchase wares. We researched the size of the market, our target audience, chose the most appropriate style to make it simple and modern based on research results. Made in-depth interviews and user testing. It helped us get a good start. In the future we plane to upgrate it to the platform which is capable of executing any Lottery based model on the fly. For now product is on development phase, scheduled launch of alpha version on the 3rd quarter of 2021.