The Very Best of

A-1-40Akademia Design House styleAkademia Design House
A-4-24Carpathian Herbal Tea. Package Design in National Traditional Style of UkraineНата Чорна
A-4-35Masters of BakeryTough Slate Design
A-4-7Waldo Trommler PaintsReynolds and Reyner
A-8-38Free Anton StogovSaatchi & Saatchi
A-9-4Motion calendarFCB Kiev
A-10-1BBDO meterBBDO Ukraine
A-11-5Late Bloomers – Late In Life SuccessБорко Анастасія

Best of

A-1 Corporate identity

A-1-24Squalus (Katran)Brandon
A-1-25March & Co Марія Кінович
A-1-37The Place logotypeVGNC Creative Digital Agency
A-1-48Kazkova MaysterniaSaatchi & Saatchi
A-1-62Podol Mall visual identityMilk Branding
A-1-66Woodstock Sawmill IDTough Slate Design
A-1-7Marivol'дизайн-студія Glad Head
A-1-8Coffee House LondonReynolds and Reyner
A-1-9Liverpool English PubReynolds and Reyner

A-2 Logo

A-2-13Breaze CarsReynolds and Reyner
A-2-381939–1945. Never Again.3Z Studio

A-3 Advertising design: flyers, brochures, prospectus, etc.

A-3-19Rocking CardСтудія графічного дизайну Юрка Гуцуляка
A-3-20Woodstock Sawmill BookletTough Slate Design
A-3-7InterlaceTough Slate Design

A-4 Packaging design

A-4-17SUPER MILK from super cowsВасюник Анна
A-4-25Paradise. Gourmet-club™ Exotic Coffee Collection packageARTEMOV ARTEL DESIGN STUDIO
A-4-6Sausage packingкреативне агентство 4Press

A-5 Editorial design

A-5-4SHU bookОльга Ланнік

A-6 Magazine design and illustration

A-6-1Portraits of 'A'Олена Дацьо-Рассвєтная

A-8 Posters design

A-8-16The Great Gatsby Ballet.3Z Studio
A-8-23Poster for II Ukrainian biennale of student signs and logosOlga Tereshchenko
A-8-24Poster for II Ukrainian biennale of student signs and logosOlga Tereshchenko
A-8-25Poster for II Ukrainian biennale of student signs and logosOlga Tereshchenko
A-8-26Poster for II Ukrainian biennale of student signs and logosOlga Tereshchenko
A-8-37Fall Berlin WallSaatchi & Saatchi
A-8-40Falling SkiesSaatchi & Saatchi
A-8-43SummerКреативне агентство Galagan
A-8-49Putin is Hitler of 2014 (9th of May Poster)Tough Slate Design
A-8-8SHEVCHENKO 'New form for best classic'Васюник Анна

A-9 Calendars

A-9-3BBDO meterBBDO Ukraine

A-12 Typestyle, typography

A-12-4UA-brandКирило Ткачов
A-12-5Agu FamilyРастворцев Дмитро

A-13 Concept design (for non-realized projects)

A-13-1422 pins factory (corporate identity)Артем Карпунець
A-13-1522 pins factory logoАртем Карпунець
A-13-25Geotext IdentityOleh Kolosivskyy
A-13-28PrologusAlex Badovsky
A-13-29Taxi 38111 IdentityOleh Kolosivskyy

A-14 Student Design

A-14-109"In the Centre of the Worlds of Mine" Олександра Корчевська
A-14-115Ice crimeВалерія Шапошнікова
A-14-117Wall for the future Ганна Норець
A-14-118MagazineЛаджун Марина
A-14-18Posters School of Visual Communication
A-14-29FAUVEСтанислав Crypt
A-14-37European network of UkraineВалерія Шапошнікова
A-14-4Paper ChildhoodМарта Лешак
A-14-66Cooking book "Kitchen"Marta Petrunyak
A-14-68Color calendar 2014Olexander Khomutov
A-14-94Art and FactБлажнова Анна