The Very Best of

A-1-15POM POMReynolds and Reyner
A-5-72-in-1 Annual ReportTough Slate Design
A-7-22Staropramen Art Styles EditionBBDO Ukraine
A-7-23Stella Artois Film Festival EditionBBDO Ukraine
A-11-1The Time of New PeopleRAM360
A-14-99ANNA AUSTRIACZKAВалерія Шапошнікова

Best of

A-1 Corporate & Brand Identity

A-1-16Sons of ChristianiaReynolds and Reyner
A-1-2JUSTA – Flexibility within the lawСтудія графічного дизайну Юрка Гуцуляка
A-1-31Studio Vombat styleДмитро Хруневич
A-1-37Britan ArtАндрей Бармалей
A-1-39The ClassicReynolds and Reyner
A-1-4Level DevelopmentСергій Черепахін
A-1-40Tovstyy & Partners Law CompanyТібор Товт
A-1-41Golden ChickТібор Товт
A-1-47The Glyna (Clay) Art SpaceMarakas_Design Studio
A-1-48SlovotvirРоман Запотічний
A-1-51Positive Film FestivalSaatchi & Saatchi Ukraine
A-1-59College of Something Adventa LOWE
A-1-6Don Cult IdentityВасюник Анна
A-1-63Zelebra IdentityTough Slate Design
A-1-64Boulangerie IdentityTough Slate Design
A-1-67Copin CoffeeRepublique
A-1-7Don Cult PostersВасюник Анна
A-1-75AdblackseaMedia Arts Group
A-1-79UNIKRAINE / Visual identityВадим Пащенко

A-2 Logo

A-2-26Footlandстудия Marka
A-2-30LEOMODAКирилл Павлов
A-2-32M. M. Amosov National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery LogoOzidea
A-2-35Babetta Андрей Бармалей
A-2-37Zhytomyr City logoDoris Advertising
A-2-42BotanicaVadim Lukosheyko
A-2-45Structure urban festivalBBDO Ukraine
A-2-46Logo for Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine 3Z Studio
A-2-55Cathrine Cinema QUBstudio
A-2-58Go PastaRepublique

A-3 Flyers, brochures, prospectus, etc.

A-3-1Goat CardСтудія графічного дизайну Юрка Гуцуляка
A-3-2Clean WishesSaatchi & Saatchi Ukraine
A-3-3ART+ promotional postcardsВасюник Анна
A-3-5Tree to the SkyКирило та Марина Ткачови
A-3-6Creamwave | march, 14Верьовкін Дмитро
A-3-7Zelebra BookletTough Slate Design

A-4 Packaging design

A-4-14Milk Cow headІлля Ануфріенко
A-4-15Marine wineАндрій Музичка
A-4-18Mr.PolBeeСергій Максютенко
A-4-19MorzhoSaatchi & Saatchi Ukraine
A-4-20Staropramen Art Styles EditionBBDO Ukraine
A-4-21Chernigivske Karaoke CansBBDO Ukraine
A-4-22Stella Artois Film Festival EditionBBDO Ukraine
A-4-24Porkatarian BBQ SauceTough Slate Design
A-4-26Snack Drive PackagingTough Slate Design
A-4-27Caruzzo Corn Snacks PackagingTough Slate Design
A-4-28Vinyl Cover for "Tvir Records"Олександр Гусаков
A-4-4SOC JarsReynolds and Reyner
A-4-8The Power of UnityAdventa LOWE

A-5 Editorial/Magazine/Corporate Publishing/Catalogues

A-5-2TOP-100 MagazineЗолоєдов Максим / Екле Антон

A-6 Books design and illustration

A-6-5Fairytale about magic fluteІлля Ануфріенко
A-6-7Series of books is “Fairy-tales of a Muse” and “Fairy tales for managers” LLIWELL

A-7 Illustration & Photography

A-7-13Her name is UkraineGRAPE Ukraine
A-7-24Puzzled CopywriterTough Slate Design
A-7-26Peven [Rooster] Illustration for Beer LabelTough Slate Design
A-7-31Macy's Flower Show 2015 PosterОлександр Гусаков
A-7-6«Comediada Posters». Illustration & Photography.4Press
A-7-9PTASHKYКопія #0

A-8 Print & Posters design

A-8-17The Darkness did not stop my ProgressГодина Елена
A-8-2LAYERS - Mirror posterСтудія графічного дизайну Юрка Гуцуляка
A-8-30Dog Ate DoveAdPro
A-8-32Dog Ate DoveAdPro
A-8-34Stable bike locksB.I.T.A. Advertising
A-8-4«4th Block (fish and bird)». Print & Posters design.4Press
A-8-41Nation Impossible_HomeHavas Worldwide Ukraine
A-8-44Nation Impossible_StandHavas Worldwide Ukraine
A-8-51Ukrainian Design: The Very Best OfSaatchi & Saatchi Ukraine
A-8-52TreesolutionBBDO Ukraine
A-8-53Posters for "New Music: Ukraine" series of concerts3Z Studio
A-8-59Sikorsky R-4Tough Slate Design
A-8-60'To Stay Alive' Documentary Movie PostersTough Slate Design
A-8-66Posters for MO BARОлександр Гусаков
A-8-67Ukrainian Design: The Very Best OfSaatchi & Saatchi Ukraine

A-9 Promotional, DM and POS products design

A-10-1Heavy uplifts306 Creative Communication Agency
A-10-5Pepsi sound system by PototskiyGRAPE Ukraine
A-10-6TreesolutionBBDO Ukraine

A-10 Infographics

A-11-4Structure urban festivalBBDO Ukraine
A-11-5Sitology Yarche Digital

A-11 Typestyle, typography

А-12-3Malevich fontBBDO Ukraine
А-12-4Chernigivske Karaoke CansBBDO Ukraine

A-12 Calendars

A-9-4Smart CalendarНикола Попов

A-13 Concept design (projects that have not been previously put to life)

A-13-10WinelandІлля Нестеров
A-13-11Branding // Union of Advertisement MakersДидик
A-13-12Poster design idea for largest harbour festival Kulturhavn in DenmarkMademe studio
A-13-23VacationАндрій Музичка
A-13-24Aspecton PosterOzidea
A-13-28Ginza cateringАндрей Бармалей
A-13-29Tochno-molochnoАндрей Бармалей
A-13-30KitaichiАндрей Бармалей
A-13-31Night RideТібор Товт
A-13-32Discover UzhhorodТібор Товт
A-13-35KIKAVadim Lukosheyko
A-13-40TUSK Craft BeerTough Slate Design
A-13-6Be part of ArtВасюник Анна
A-13-9Sub Energy DrinkReynolds and Reyner

A-14 Student Design

A-14-126SUPER HEROESЗдорова Альона
A-14-127MANANAВалерія Шапошнікова
A-14-133Don Mamay packagingАндрій Бочаров
A-14-134Kvido identityАндрій Бочаров
A-14-137To find the right jobЄвгенія Вакула
A-14-139Credit Костянтин Цапок
A-14-141Logos of Favourite BooksДизайн-школа Projector
A-14-169A book about tomorrowСевіля Ібрагімова
A-14-17We are uniqueШпак Марія Василівна
A-14-170Grimm's Fairy Tales BookСевіля Ібрагімова
A-14-22 "NO GENDER NO PEOPLE"Здорова Альона
A-14-32REBRANDING FOR “CANACTIONS”School of Visual Communication
A-14-37Space cardsSchool of Visual Communication
A-14-40ImagerySchool of Visual Communication
A-14-46Everything is in my handsSchool of Visual Communication
A-14-65SkrynyaSchool of Visual Communication
A-14-66Series of children's books on art and architectureКатерина Пасіченко та Ксенія Петрушак (со-авторство "ПКВ2")
A-14-73Chocolate bookМарія Дарій
A-14-82"John F." - brand identityНаталя Марко Крижак
A-14-83"Space" postersSchool of Visual Communication
A-14-84My citySchool of Visual Communication
A-14-85Logo and identity for "CANACTIONS"School of Visual Communication