The Very Best of

A-1 Corporate & Brand Identity

A-1-1 FacesArriba!
A-1-20 Studio 42Verovkin Dmytro

A-6 Books design and illustration

A-6-13 Bukowski Glitch BookTough Slate Design
A-6-14 Book of Crimes 2014 — 2015Tough Slate Design

A-14 Student Design

A-14-8 Franz Kafka "The Castle"Тинна Євгенія
A-14-132 Debut EP "Stratasfera" ("Stratosphere")Корчевська Олександра

Best of

A-1 Corporate & Brand Identity

A-1-12 Yaposhka Glad Head
A-1-16 art - zavod PlatformaGraphinya studio
A-1-19 _Trilix.Graphinya studio
A-1-27 Chicken CafeBrandon Archibald
A-1-30SuperaРинжук Євгенiя
A-1-35 "Book'n'Roll" Online BookstoreMARAKAS_DESIGN Studio
A-1-46 SELFISH ClubGinger Brand
A-1-47 ART PARKАндрей Бармалей
A-1-51 Beerophilia ClubMolto Bureau
A-1-54 Boryslav Innovative PlatformMolto Bureau
A-1-62 ЛавГавhooga.creative

A-2 Logo

A-2-2 Action CanadaGlad Head
A-2-3 Karpatska Horilchana CompaniyaТоменчук Ігор
A-2-25 Odd BrewСreative agency "4Press"
A-2-31 Logo for Lviv Christmas MarketКатерина Яцушек

A-3 Flyers, brochures, prospectus, etc.

A-3-5 NOW YOU SEEPublicis Visage
A-3-6 RIP Soviet UnionTough Slate Design
A-3-7 10 — Seconds Documentary Movie PosterTough Slate Design

A-4 Packaging design

A-4-3 Baron SemenСтудія маркетингу та дизайну MUST
A-4-8 Birch sapКреативная агенція Galagan
A-4-11 The GreennessGraphinya studio
A-4-12 Odd BrewСreative agency "4Press"
A-4-17 VitamatchaPink Water
A-4-19 NOW YOU SEEPublicis Visage

A-5 Editorial/Magazine/Corporate Publishing/Catalogues

A-5-1 FISH MagazineFISH Magazine

A-6 Books design and illustration

A-6-3FailosophyВасюник Анна
A-6-4 History of the future: diaries of a time traveller Васюник Анна
A-6-6 Shadows of forgotten ancestors. BookХір Андрій
A-6-7 Book covers for Solomea Pavlychko book seriesСоломадіна Альона
A-6-8 Kaydasheva semyaLera Sxemka

A-7 Illustration & Photography

A-7-8Inside UsWIFI BAR Ukraine
A-7-10 No route is routine anymoreТОВ ББДО
A-7-15 Chocolate FacadeЛешак Марта
A-7-28 FishTough Slate Design
A-7-30 OctopusTough Slate Design
A-7-33 HelloweenTough Slate Design

A-8 Print & Posters design

A-8-8 SavePark.Verovkin Dmytro
A-8-12 XXII CONTRASTS: Trajectory of soundТрофимук Мирослав
A-8-17 Tartan: Cocky Leeky Saathci & Saatchi

A-9 Promotional, DM and POS products design

A-9-8 NOW YOU SEEPublicis Visage

A-10 Infographics

A-10-2 EchologyGRAPE Ukraine
A-10-5 Tartan: Cocky Leeky Saathci & Saatchi
A-10-6 Tartan: Huggis Saathci & Saatchi

A-11 Typestyle, typography

A-11-1 DR LineartРастворцев Дмитро
A-11-2 Patience SansХруневич Дмитро та Даніїл Лях

A-13 Concept design (projects that have not been previously put to life)

A-13-19 QueenАндрей Бармалей
A-13-28 «Tin soldier» poster for the puppet theatreУдовенко Анна

A-14 Student Design

A-14-14 LOGO for printed textile shop.Плужко
A-14-19 Chopin VodkaДавидюк Анастасія
A-14-23 From letters to installationКізілова Марина
A-14-24 Font-Installation-PosterКізілова Марина
A-14-25 Calendar "Pidvaliny majsternosty"Басюк Вікторія
A-14-26 LinocutКобілінська Олена
A-14-37 The Visual language of 1975-1985Inna Zhogolko
A-14-39 Identity of medical DepartmentКостанда Марина
A-14-44 Bakery IdentityАлхазян Олеся
A-14-49 Poster for the exhibition of landscape objects in Kotor|2016Tereshchenko Olga
A-14-65 Fashion postersЩербина Андрей
A-14-72 Book coversБутенко Дмитрий
A-14-82 Kiev - the city of contrastsАлейникова Ольга
A-14-99 The capitalСнежана Чернецкая
A-14-122 SEEESchool of visual communication