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A-1 Corporate & Brand Identity

The Dot Home & Balin Manufacture
A-1-11    Дар’я Стеценко

The Dot Home is a concept store of design and textiles for the home with local production. Regular and capsule collections of carpets, furniture, accessories, table textiles and bed linen are made of natural materials, mostly flax. The brand feature is the combination of design and art and collaboration with artists and artisans. One of The Dot Home productions is the Balin manufacture — textile company that was founded in 1868 by Asigkrit Balin in a small town Yuzha. Manufacture offers all products of flax processing: flax, yarn and fabrics. In 2016 the renewal of the factory began aiming to transform the historic buildings and adjoining territory into a modern textile cluster equipped with high-tech full-cycle textile machines, residence for designers and educational center. This project consist of logotypes for two brands and joint identity system. The factory is built of red brick, and its shape and color became the basis of visual identity. Business cards retain the proportions of the upper side of the brick. The Manufacture logo is based on a drawing of the building from a recognizable angle. The concept store logo has round shape, and the inner lines symbolize threads of linen fabric. The Manufacture's primary color is the red brick color while the concept store uses the blue color of flax flower. The unifying color of both brands is a gray color which symbolizes linen fabrics. Also brands have differences in the typography system. The manufacture uses an archaic monospaced font, and the font of the concept store is a modern sans serif.