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A-1 Corporate & Brand Identity

Circular economy Hackathon
A-1-12    Brand Loft Agency

The challenge The public organization Re Think is planning to host the first ever in Ukraine Hackaton on a circular economy, the event that is intended to highly impact on our future. This unique event is targeted on developing of new solutions in the field of waste processing and sustainable utilization of resources. The slogan "Either we change the system of resources handling or we are doomed!" is not anymore a domain of science-fiction writers only, it has became an action plan for a progressive minded part of the mankind. The two-day Hackathon is called to accumulate the ideas and resources of the participants: the representatives of big business, innovators, potential investors, students in particular, of all those who are aware of the importance for Ukraine of the idea of transition from the linear to the circular economy. Our task was to develop a logo and an identity of the event. The posters announcing the event will be placed on boards of the specialized universities, in social networks, therefore it was very important to create a visual solution that will stand out against the background of any other visual solution and will capture the attention, motivate to learn more. Discovery The slogan " Hackaton for circular economy: Come. Suggest. Change the World" incorporates a call to an action, and strives to unite thoughtful and responsible representatives of business, science and student communities. The Hackaton sections are named in the form of raised questions: "Are there any better ideas for waste processing?", "Is there any idea how to substitute plastic in a best way?", "Do you know better solution to generate energy?". Logotype The wording "circular economy" has logically brought to the idea to design a logo in the form of a circle that visualizes the basic difference between a circular and a linear economy. The circle is visually divided into a dark and a light side that interchange from one side into the other by means of arrows. In such a way the logo implements the idea of a closed cycle of resource utilization, recycling/waste utilization, shared use. Implementation To visualize the idea of the Hackaton we highlighted unusual, creative images of plastic and non-toxic items that are common in everyday life: cardboard gadgets, car from recyclables, and battery of lemon. The purpose of such a solution is to start to think over what ideas we can create in order to change our world now. The color solution - bright, trendy colors used to attract the attention of the target audience.