Переможці 2018

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A-14 Student Design

A-14-27    Городчаніна Валерія

«Tsukrovik» — is a collection of urban poetry. This book is about factories, panel houses, childhood and space. It's about the attitude of people born in provincial, industrial monotowns. Many of these Ukrainian towns were created largely in the period following the Second World War around enterprises and factories. They are distinctive by typical panel construction and large industrial areas, which still form the representative face of these cities. The main visual reference point for the design and composition of the book was the modernist polygraphic aesthetics of the 1960s — a hardcover with a graphic sign in the middle, the presence of optional half-title and a dust jacket. The font chosen for the book is an up-to-date version of the typeface that was used in many publications across the 60's and 70's and aims to create a retrospective, nostalgic mood. The book is printed with a simple black ink on a yellow-coloured paper. It’s accompanied by a set of postcards based on the illustrations of the poetry collection «Tsukrovik». The stylistics of the illustrations refers to the topic of industry and production (the source of inspiration were technical illustrations and architectural drawings from Soviet journals, reference books and encyclopedias) and also, with its laconic simplicity, the child-like perception of the surrounding reality — which is especially important in the context. The symbol of «Tsukrovik» also represents this — the rocket, the most recognizable feature of the children's Soviet playgrounds ,which at the same time reminds of childhood and the era of active subjection to the cosmos, which also fell to the middle of the XX century. All these visual elements are intended to enhance the emotional connection of the reader and poetic texts, as well as to discover additional layers of their interpretation.