Переможці 2018

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A-14 Student Design

Branding for the festival of traditions "DREVO"
A-14-29   Задорожна Олена

The third year in a row Lviv Municipal Theatre, Art Research and Educational Center "WORD and VOICE" organizes the International Festival of Traditions "DREVO". A unique Tradition Festival that collects masters from all around the world that defend the unified knowledge. Ukrainian and foreign performers will represent the unique qualities of the traditional culture. 5 trees, which consist of the symbols of different eras. The point is that the ancient people in different tribes were inspired by their surroundings, especially by nature. And because of that similar symbols appeared in the different sides of the world. This is one of the main ideas of the festival — unity. Many people of different nationalities, speaking different languages are gathering for the sake of unity, for the sake of peace, showing each other own traditions.