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E-4 Urban design and public spaces

Public Playground
E-4-4    Рибак Юлія, Телюк Христина,Саніна Аліна

A playground is the first step in the socialization process of a child. This place is supposed not only to satisfy the physical needs of a child, it is a place of spiritual and intellectual advancement. By bringing together children of different age groups and ethnic backgrounds, one provides them with a chance to socialise in a harmonious way, play various interactive games and in general familiarize themselves with the surrounding world. Therefore, in the course of designing playgrounds, not only safety and security requirements should be taken into account. It is also essential to recognize the fact that relevant design matters a lot too. So, the idea is to create a modern and ergonomic playground which would harmoniously fit into the surrounding environment. In fact, there should be a smooth transition from the park to the playground and the structure of the playground should not compete with the already existing historical monuments, i.e. the one dedicated to Andrey Sheptytsky. The location is a semi-open space combined with a square. The main element there will be a spatial structure for climbing or a so called jungle-gym, consisting of two cylindrical green metallic tubes that will fit nicely into the surrounding environment. In the middle of these two tubes there will be a net that is planned to create an interesting sequence of games for children of different age groups. It is expected to contribute to the physical and psychological development of a child because any child will have an opportunity to learn how to overcome obstacles. There is going to be another interesting element in this exciting jungle-gym, which will be coming as a total surprise, – in those metal tubes there will be a LED strip that will light up whenever touched. This will add a visual dimension to children’s curiosity. They will feel as if fireflies will be lighting the night. In the middle of the jungle-gym there will be a wooden treehouse with a slide. From this house the whole playground will be seen. The plan of the house includes additional elements for play, including a swing, built-in trampoline, a voicepipe to play telephone with, a stick maze, and drawing boards. The project will ensure that all the existing trees are preserved, and that the rubber flooring is only used around relevant areas for safety purposes, such as the jungle-gym, gaming areas, trampoline, and stick maze. Additionally, three grass hills of varying height and diameter will be created to provide children and their parents with an area to adventure through. These will also create an appeasing visual stimulation for relaxation. The raw materials needed are: rolled lawn, rubber covering, and small rocks. The heart of the new playground will be built on the existing, potentially vivid ground. The exterior boundaries of the site will be determined by the edge of the playground. They will also visually create a green barrier from St. Yury Square, thus, a safe gaming zone will be secures. The main entrance will be located on the south side of the plot, and there will be an additional entrance from the south-east with several bicycle paths.