Переможці 2019

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A-14 Student Design

Flowers for Algernon
A-14-86   Лісовська Софія

My design is focused on character transformation, which is displayed through his diary. He transforms from a subnormal childish oddball to a serious man and degrades back. The basic set at the beginning contains solid grammatical errors that disappear to the middle of the story and come back at the end. I emphasized the writer’s idea that’s why I made handwritten headers from inaccurate letters to calligraphic inscriptions and vice versa. Also throughout the story are often mentioned Rorschach tests, which are reflections of the hero status. They became the basis of the idea for symmetrical spots, which appear from edges, emphasizing the inferior state of the hero and disappear until he is cured. The book has inverted pages, where the character describes cruel bullying from his past. This technique emphasized the severity of the text. The book is visually contrasting with the story itself. I filled up with seriousness and showed that it’s a diary at the same time.