Переможці 2019

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A-14 Student Design

Poetry book design "Melancholy"
A-14-82   Кушнір Вероніка

Melancholy is a slow acting poison. its purpose is to leave the person inside the void. This book is a mirror of the soul full of fears and dangers, which have to fight for the light that lived. The weapon of this war is not a spear and not a sword, but a word. The monochromaticity of the project is based on concepts that accompany the confrontation with the invisible "enemy": black is the spiritual inactivity of man, indifference, anxiety and white is struggle, hope, attempts to live and create. Selected colors are a symbol of the fact that light does not exist without darkness, darkness does not exist without light. There is no symmetry anywhere. Moreover, one of the parties outweighs at each other page. But this does not mean the desire to destroy this murderous feeling. Poetry and illustration of the book is an attempt to make melancholy work and help you to create, but not to become her slave. "Melancholy" is the dynamics of struggle, an attempt to establish harmony, to open the veil to the inner world of the author through the word and graphic.