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Candy Cotton
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Candy Cotton — is a lifestyle clothing brand for kids, that turns everyday life into a holiday. The store on Instagram is welcoming all the moms and dads shopping online. Competition level is quite high, so we decided to give prominence to Candy Cotton by implementing a particular color palette and it`s combination with fonts that gives a top-grade impression. Our logo is a cotton flower. It originates from the name of the brand. The flower itself is not the main feature of our identity but it consists of round confetti pieces and a star that build the full picture. Candy Cotton logo is adaptable in any composition remaining recognizable. Festive mood is the most important emotion for the brand. What is a holiday about? It is about happy kids running around, alcohol-free punch, confetti, and fireworks. Being an essential part of the brand`s identity confetti brings good memories and joy. We use two contrastive fonts in headlines for visual emphasis. Separate cursive letters add some spontaneity and ingenuousness to the text.