Переможці 2020

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A-21 Student Design

Poetry book by Lyubow Yakimchuk
A-21-79    Ткаченко Діана

This book has been created as an inspiration by a poetry of Lyubov Yakimchyck. Poetry which showcases us long-long winter, that has not stopped since 2014, when the war broke out. Scratching, howling of wind, red-hot steel that burns pages of unwritten stories, paths that have not led people to destinations and vibrating tension. In these illustrations I tried showing all the spectrum of emotions which a person could barely feel after seeing Donbass in its worst times – the war. Every element of the picture it is a key, a puzzle which audience should solve. Red elements stand for bloody drops which appear on a white fabric, like a red wounds. In general the blank backdrop of pages stand for snow, whereas wavy lines represent maps with buildings, electricity poles and paths.