Переможці 2020

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A-21 Student Design

104 days without polyethylene
A-21-80    Ткаченко Діана

The book “104 days without polyethylene” written by Marianna Boyko it’s a diary about refusal from polyethylene. The cover of the book represents plastic bag, it consists of 104 small bags, to symbolize every day of struggle and refusal from plastic bags. Material for it was recycled from other products and paper. The book has 104 pages. Endpaper showcases an avalanche of plastic bags that we use every day, lots of times and doesn’t even pay any attention to them and their amount. So they reincarnated into background noise, where our nature can’t develop and breath. First endpaper shows a small plant that is surrounded by plastic and last endpaper shows that after changing our life style to eco-conscious, situation has become better, but still needs more eco-conscious people to repair what we have already done to our planet. Colors of the book are green and blue. Green stands for nature and blue for plastic. Other spreads and illustrations tell us about ordinary Marianna’s life.