Переможці 2021

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A-1 Corporate & Brand Identity

ZERO HEROES Eco-Friendly Project for School Students
A-1-27    mozgi ideas

Modern monsters are not the ones that frightened us in childhood. They are plastic bags, used batteries or disposable plastic utensils. We gave names to trash monsters: Plasticus, Soloman, Bag, Evil Cap, Miss Battery and Ledge. Of course, there were those who dared to resist them — ZERO HEROES. Anyone who is a member of No waste club can become one of these heroes. We created the heroes and monsters in a comic book form which is close for children and teenagers. This makes it possible to generate content and distribute the new movement, inventing funny stories, everything that teenagers love and is close to them. The idea evolved in designing of tanks for sorting, posters, stickers and even merch. It is all for each student who could step into the shoes of a Zero Hero and understand that being such a hero is cool. We created a communication understandable to teenagers, which gives rise to the birth of the new culture. It attracts attention to an important problem and gives its solution.