Переможці 2021

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A-2 Campaign Branding & Identity

Lions of NAMU
A-2-6    Leo Burnett Ukraine

While National Arts Museum of Ukraine was celebrating 121 years two lions at its entrance got portico collapsed on their heads. Museum was closed and begged for restoration, so NAMU picked donations gathering as a way out. We turned lions into digital-influencers. Firstly, they create powerful newsbreak & bring attention to museum restoration. Secondly, they act as additional money source for museum, selling product placement and doing collabs, as usual bloggers. Plan was to create 2 lion-personas, 2 logos, social pages, merch lines etc. Real bloggers post content incognito on behalf of lions until it's time to reveal themselves. “Lions” explore the city & make photos at popular spots. We evoke emotional attachment to lions in hearts of Ukrainians, and, accordingly, a stronger desire to help the museum. Campaign is still on air, building up community of lion-lovers & helpers. 4 million people covered so far. Museum has now become important part of presidential reconstruction agenda.