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A-2 Campaign Branding & Identity

Rentafont Vernacular Campaign
A-2-8    Numo Team

Rentafont is a convenient tool for designers and typographers, since the designers deserve better than a mess in the Fonts folder, and type designers deserve a more stable income and a greater number of legal users. There has always been a lot of problems with fonts. Firstly, not all designers could afford licensed fonts. Secondly, it is nearly impossible to keep fonts in order and they can be stolen easily. Thirdly, the value of a purchased font cannot be guaranteed. You might use one font often, while some other could only be used once. That is why font piracy is so common in the world today. Rentafont offers a single solution for all your font problems and makes piracy pointless. This campaign is based on the aesthetics of Ukrainian vernacular street ads and consists of and consists of two parts: street paper ads and digital SMM communication strategy. Follow the link for project details: https://contest-aec11e.webflow.io/rentafont-vernacular-campaign