Переможці 2021

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A-14 Illustration & Photography

If it were you. Woman
A-14-5    BBDO Ukraine

‘He scratched my new chair!’, ‘She’s so noisy at night’.
 Tens of thousands of pets are abandoned every year in Ukraine. People do this for the stupidest reasons. However, pets’ behaviour and health change is normal and shouldn’t be a reason to leave them on the street or elsewhere. Animal rights organization UAnimals imagined what would happen if our close ones were treated the same way. The core of the #ifitwereyou campaign is a series of emotional portrait photos of people of different ages and genders. Their behaviour, appearance or age became the reason they ended up outside. Left in the places so usual for the abandoned pets. Images were used for outdoor, motion digital outdoor and social media content. The campaign provoked extensive discussion and was covered by the biggest Ukrainian media. Even got its own story on the most popular morning TV show.