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A-14 Illustration & Photography

Father’s Wine
A-14-7    BBDO Ukraine

In 2010, Volodymyr Buyachok founded a small winery in Western Ukraine. It took him eight years to produce the grape variety and wine which began to win prizes at world wine festivals and gain much love in the retail market. After the sudden death of the founder, his children made every effort to continue the family business. They named the winery, ‘Father’s Wine’. Grapes are demanding crops, especially in the Ternopil region. Every few years, the Earth produces a harvest that deserves special treatment – the launch of a limited edition. An edition with only 2,000 bottles produced. On the label you see the organic interior of the distillery where the brand is being created. On the other hand, every detail is assembled into a single image of a face, symbolizing the memory of the founder. The engraving style was chosen to emphasize the brand’s historical significance. And the colour palette forms the atmosphere of the wine cellar. We paid special attention to the design of the ‘Fathers Wine’ lettering. Letters ‘THE’ in the word ‘Fathers’ are highlighted forming article — ‘The’. This way the phrase is read: ‘The Father’s Wine’ or ‘The Wine’.