Переможці 2021

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A-18 Innovation in Design

Planeta kino Instagram Feed
A-18-2    Vertigo

The idea of endless feed for Planeta Kino was so successful that many other brands copied the idea and started making endless feeds either. That is why we had decided to make up new idea that hadn’t existed before. An art object in a form of the quest-game for followers. Creative idea was to make 12 posts each month that would later be combined into one visual. The mechanism was based on posting those images in the wrong order like a broken-down puzzle. The picture was fitting the content of the post but wasn’t visually connected to previous posts or the ones to come. We announced activation in the last post and feed became an interactive game for users. They must put together a puzzle, guess art object, and demonstrate the process in a creative way that is changing every month. Оnce the riddle was solved we hid all 12 disconnected posts from the page. Then we published all posts again in the right order with the one-piece art object.