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A-11 Packaging Design

Okunevsky. Ukrainian brand of rum.
A-11-25    Шкрібляк Ярослав

Okunevsky is a new brand of classic rum made in Lviv, Ukraine. This is a completely craft product, made in limited batches and with great attention to product quality. The brand is named after the Ukrainian military figure Yaroslav Okunevsky, who was a native of Galicia and became an admiral of the fleet of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In the illustration, we allowed ourselves to deviate from the photographic portrait of the main character of the brand. The image is somewhat exaggerated and has a romantic-muscular mood of sailing, somewhat legendary to capture attention and create a slight mystique around the brand. The surname Okunevsky in Ukrainian is derived from the name of the fish perch and this nuance we made the plot of the illustration by drawing a perch that follows from behind the character. Rum is not a typical product for Ukraine, but one way or another there is a long and strong tradition of making quality alcoholic beverages.