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A-1 Corporate & Brand Identity

TECHIIA brand identity
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Techiia is a holding that unites various technology companies, and it is also a Ukrainian word that means "water flow" and symbolizes the constant movement forward and attention to nature in the development of technological solutions. The name and corporate identity demonstrate the holding's manufacturability, speed, and readiness to respond to changes in the world and around us. And also flexibility, which is vital in today's world, where everything is changing very quickly. The corporate identity of the TECHIIA brand is based on graphic visualization of the phenomenon called the “Doppler effect”. This effect is a change in the frequency and length of a sound wave due to the movement of an object. Thus, we demonstrate the digital footprint that the holding leaves in the media space as it develops and moves forward. Based on the effect visualizations, a grid was developed for constructing brand graphic materials, in which an arithmetic progression was incorporated. This grid can have a progression vertically, horizontally, or in both directions. It can also be used on media of various sizes: from a small business card to a large-scale billboard.