Переможці 2021

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A-7 Promotional, DM design

A-7-3    Postmen

Epicentr is the biggest retailer in Ukraine.  In 2021 Epicentr became one of the partners of Lesya Ukrainka 150 names art exhibition. Usually such sponsorships mean that the brand’s logo will be printed on banners, booklets and other printed materials. However, it wasn’t enough for Epicentr as they didn’t need to promote their logo once again, they wanted to promote the brand's values.  Insight: Large-scale exhibitions and events require a lot of construction and materials, most of which later end up in trash.  Ecological and responsible consumption are the main social values of Epicentr.  The idea came as a direct and extreme implementation of Epicentr values - to make Lesya Ukrainks 150 names exhibition the first zero waste exhibition in the world.  We started with must do - garbage recycling and sorting.  But decided to do much more and upcycled every single banner, every print, every curtain and material that was used in the exhibition into the limited designer collection. That’s how we created 150 backpacks, shoppers, tool bags, laptop cases, fanny packs. Each one of them with a unique design pattern. The limited collection is now available in Epicenter stores and online. Materials that were supposed to be thrown away were turned into fashionable accessories and will remind of the exhibition for years.