Переможці 2021

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A-7 Promotional, DM design

Advent PostBox
A-7-2    Postmen

Winter is a time of holidays and surprises. A period when everyone, from a kid to an adult, is waiting for presents. But in a corporate world, presents usually mean branded stationery, cards or candies. We wanted to surprise our customers and give them a present they would remember. For this, it had to be unique and with a personal touch. The idea was to combine Postmen with Christmas. So, we merged a postbox with a Christmas advent calendar and created handmade Advent Postboxes. We designed a model of the advent postbox, its appearance, its filling as well as all the decoration elements. All the packaging was made using paper craft technique out designer cardboard. We used Postmen’s corporate colours: yellow, black and white. We put 7 little boxes inside, which represented 7 days until the New Year and put symbolic little gifts inside (candles, Christmas ornaments, hand cream etc). We put a date on each little box, which was made in a shape of a post stamp. Results 50 handmade advent postboxes 50 happy clients