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A-14 Illustration & Photography

A-14-14    Крила FMCG Branding

ALEXX while remaining true to its creative status pleases its fans for the eleventh year in a row with the release of a New Year's limited edition brandy in exclusive packaging. New packaging design is dedicated to the symbol of 2021 year - the white metal bull. Each time ALEXX in its New Year's packaging tries to amaze with its unique design in various artistic directions. The year 2020 will be remembered by the whole world for the most unusual and phantasmagoric events. Anything can be expected from 2021! We decided to make the New Year's packaging (tube) in the style of surrealism. A special illustration was developed. Milk splashes are freezing into a marble bas-relief, in which the outlines of a calf with golden horns are emerge... As result the surreal illustration was well received by the target audience of ALEXX. The packaging of WHITE METAL BULL has achieved the highest sales of all limited edition designs in the history of the brand.