Переможці 2021

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A-14 Illustration & Photography

Diverse.Equal.Fashion Prints
A-14-15    [isdgroup]

"Ukraine is a country where tolerance is nowhere to be seen. It's time to say: being LGBTQ+ ally is cool. To highlight tolerant people and inspire them, RIZNI.RIVNI launched a unique fashion collaboration. Together with BEVZA, LITKOVSKAYA and KSENIASCHNAIDER we created the Equality Collection with a visual identity of the movement. The campaign's unprecedented collection was shot by one of the best photoartists in the world – Ukrainian art-duo Synchrodogs. Unfortunately, people still perceive the LGBTQ+ through the filters imposed by society. It often results in homophobia, bias, stereotypes. To show that Ukraine lacks a transparent and frank conversation about tolerance, to change these filters, artists used transparent materials in the colors of the RIZNI.RIVNI identity. Fashion usually involves professional models with perfect bodies. Our community is about diversity, where all people can be themselves regardless of stereotypes. So, the models were three LGBTQ + allies with expressive appearance; one of them is a non-binary person. The photos are minimalistic; they do not distract the audience and help it focus on the personality in the center of the campaign. Printed media are still iconic for fashion campaigns. Therefore, the design of online posters resembles the fashion spreads’ photos. All fashion magazines published the photos of Synchrodogs. So millions of Ukrainians dare to support LGBTQ+ since RIZNI.RIVNI showed them — being an ally is chic."