Переможці 2021

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A-14 Illustration & Photography

Ukraine Creative Stories
A-14-19   Galagan

Ukraine Creative Stories is an event that is expected by almost all teams of the creators of Ukraine. An event that brought together three creative festivals, seminars, presentations and exhibitions of the participants' works. What are we missing today? Of course, in a pandemic, closed borders, cafes, etc., we lack a communication, entertainment and emotions. There is a lot of negativity around, but little positive. But we, the people of the creative sphere, continue to create, we continue to make creativity, no matter what it costs us. Because of this, this year we decided to emotionally highlight the visual identity of the festival. Saturated with the bright colors, asymmetrical compositions and interesting creative images. But that's not all. For each festival of this event, we have created the emotional dynamic illustrations, which through images tell the life stories of the creative teams, individual designers, illustrators, strategists, agencies; in short, all those who plan to participate in the Ukraine Creative Stories. Dozens of the posts on the social networks, dynamic illustration screensavers, selected illustrative images to create the new communication materials, are so different, and not similar to each other certificates, videos, posters and all this is in one Ukraine Creative Stories’ style, but individualized for each competition-festival. There are more colors and more emotions in support of our colleagues this year.